Hi, I'm Susie Bumblebee

My family and I work for RoyallSurveyors, come back soon to meet my family, there will be more photos of us working.

So why did RoyallSurveyors choose me?

Maybe it’s because I’m one of nature’s best surveyors, I fly out visiting all the flowers, returning to my home letting my family know where the flowers can be found, maybe I will show you my dance one day


Maybe it is because the great people at RoyallSurveyors wanted to show you how important I am to the world, especially as I am an endangered insect. Did you know that if I became extinct there are a lot of vegetables that would not grow, such as tomatoes and stop helping to improve the taste of Strawberries.
Susie Bee pointing to an offer

This video explains about our normal work,

when not working for RoyallSurveyors

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This video is by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

- Learn more about how there helping to protect our precious bees

About my Family

the Bumblebees​

This Link is to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Learn about our Bumblebees, the important work they do and the difference between us and other bees, such as honey bee, etc.

Here is some information about me, my family and my extended family. Please may I ask you to click below and help us to help by donating.


Perhaps it’s because they are dedicated to be as green as possible, caring for the environment, did you know that all the companies we recommend are as green as they can possibly bee

Susie Bee pointing to an offer