Partner Application Form

We do not sell leads, you will be purchasing Survey Appraisals

Thank you for applying to Royall Limited to be supplied Survey Appraisals. which include

  • full in-depth detailed survey
  • position of drains with photos
  • position and types of trees with photos
  • ground conditions
  • access with photos, good, through house, through garage, etc.
  • access for vehicles
  • steps with photos
  • removal/and/or demolish of existing, with photos
  • position of skip
  • where materials can be dropped
  • if WC is available
  • heights of windows & doors
  • height of roof line with photos
  • If there is storage for materials, dry or outside
  •  If and by how much the ground falls or raises
  • if possible existing brick type but there will be photos

We provide everything you will require to proceed with a full quotation from the comfort of your office

We are registered with Information Commissioners Office for this game changing way to work with customers. We do not give out customers details, EVER, that is why the quotations are so detailed.

Before you proceed with the form, please have ready

  • We may do a financial check
  • Company Details inc Company number if limited and VAT number
  • Phone numbers inc. daily contact for customer services
  • Years trading
  • Copy of Guarantees
  • All Insurances, public liability, etc.
  • Proof of successful trading
  • Insurance backed guarantee (if applicable)
  • Copies of qualifications
  • Trade memberships
  • Areas covered

Customer Recommends

Please contact two of your existing customers we can visit

  • one customer just finished or still in progress
  • the second customer from at least tree years ago